About Us

Can you remember when you were a child, those summer holidays went like a flash, playing and laughing with your friends. Us “grown ups” often forget, we lived in that present moment as a child. Today our lives are filled with climbing very high ladders and not reaching the top, going to a job that hardly ever inspires us. If you’re lucky you have come to some questions such as; why am I unhappy, anxious or stressed? If this is you then you have come to the right place, we want to add some inspiration back into your life. We don’t offer a magic pill, we give you honesty and that honesty is that you can change your life with some effort. After time, that effort will become your conditioned state.

At Lighting Gaia we realise that we are all connected. We have a mission to inspire people who are ready to change the world by changing themselves. As Mahatma Gandhi said – Be the change that you wish to see in the world. This has never been so important in such a connected world we live in and while we change ourselves, our perceptions change. While we change, we change the people around us without any effort to control the external world.