Anxiety and Depression to Happiness and Wellness

In Buddhism the term ‘monkey mind’ has been referred to a mind that chatters all the time. Everyone who has/ does experience this has developed this through different external experiences but it all leads to the same thing, disruptive to ones life. If you are lucky, then these constant chatters do not affect you so much but quite commonly in today’s hectic, stressful environments, people are becoming more aware of these disruptions, leading to what we call anxiety or depression.

The moment a person with acute anxiety starts to think ‘I have anxiety’ it brings the individual back to a state of unease. In fact, when a person has had anxiety or depressive behaviour and it isn’t there for a second, the individual almost starts to spark it off again by wondering where its gone, its like an obsessive behaviour but its filled with self punishment. This habitual behaviour has developed over time and eventually this becomes like a programme in us. We don’t want to keep replaying it but we know it so well and its like we cannot seem to stop it. The more we fight it, the stronger and more aggressive it replays.

Can we finally start to look at these mental conditions in a whole knew light? Just like everything in nature shows us, if you create an environment that is suitable for something to flourish then it will. During the colder parts of the year in the UK we have less bugs and flies etc but as summer starts to come, the environment starts to team with insects creating life. This is much the same as our own minds except we are not subject to time in the way weather conditions are. When we are surrounding ourselves with negative emotions; we begin to experience uncomfortable physical suffering and then label it. The options are always there to experience joy or otherwise.

I struggled with both depression and anxiety at an early age and so my habitual patterns were hard to overcome and so this is why I can happily say to anyone that if I can overcome these experiences of misery then you can too. It’s a matter of using tools in your life to create a life teaming with joy and peace but also never forgetting that our world is quite crazy and for me, I need to continue my positive habits so I can continue feeling happy. If you also have the tendency like myself and recognise that you have these tendencies then don’t sit around wanting change to happen without actively making change, you have to be that change.

What I have personally learnt from these experiences is that anxiety and depression can be used in my life as signs that my life and emotions are not heading in the right directions, it’s a sign that I am doing something wrong and something needs to change in order for me to feel happy again. I know what needs to be done now but what’s more important is that I act on it, as this is the only thing that makes any real change towards my wellbeing.


Here are a couple of things that everyone should do:

  • Stop watching the news. Everything on there is all about pain and suffering. By you watching the news, you are adding to this insanity. Its better to watch something positive that can be found on YouTube.
  • Reduce your addiction to social media.
  • Make sure your sleeping patterns are consistent.
  • Don’t use a computer just before bed.
  • Be aware of your thoughts.
  • Try to make your life simple, adding more to your life and thinking it will be completed after adding something is a wrong approach, you already have everything you need from the day you was born.
James Bushell
James has been interested in holistic health for about 10 years, exploring mind, body and spirit and adjusting his life accordingly. His practice is simple, to learn to find balance and just be happy

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