Are man-made Chemicals ruining your Health?

In the last 30 years we have been increasing the amount of man made chemicals we use but most of us are completely unaware. Man made chemicals are not visible and unless we look on the websites of the product manufacturer we purchase from, it would be near to impossible to know exactly what’s in or on every product we purchase. We are the first people known to exist on this planet that are exposed to some of the newly created 85,000 chemicals.

In 2004 it was estimated that the number of chemicals that was commercially produced in the US alone was around 70,000 chemicals. So the increase of chemicals in just over 10 years is around 15,000 chemicals. What’s more concerning is the fact that most of these chemicals have never been researched, so we have no idea of the effects this could have on humans. Let alone adding various chemicals together in a cocktail and exposing them to humans or other living creatures.

It’s estimated today that we have around 287 man made chemicals in our bodies. All of the chemicals are collected through various sources, some completely avoidable and others not so easily avoided. Products we have been lead to believe that are for our own benefit such as hand creams, moisturisers, perfumes, cleaning products, flame retardant fabrics, food products we purchase that are non organic, pharmaceuticals and many more carry the same potential risks.

We have no idea of the potential damage, the interference these man made chemicals have on our hormones and the rest of our bodies functioning’s. Even our most basic needs such as water is filled with chemicals such as chlorine and fluoride. There has been enough research on just these 2 chemicals that would suggest that we should not be adding these to our water supplies. Fluoride that’s put into our water is one of the by-products of the aluminium industry. Dr Dean Burk who was a biochemist and medical researcher clearly pointed out through his own research that the effects of just fluoridation in our water supply does have a real negative effect on us.

Some of the symptoms that may manifest from an overload of these chemicals can be physical or mental: headaches, flu-like symptoms, nausea, fatigue, dizziness, “brain-fog”, depression, anxiety and many more. All of these symptoms would be very hard to pin point to any one chemical, which makes it extremely hard to determine what chemicals are causing you the problems and since there are so many chemicals in our environment now, the effects could be from 5, 10 or even 100 chemicals put together that’s causing you to experience dis-ease.

Once again as you are part of this ever increasing world of man made chemicals, you also have the ability to reduce the amount of chemicals you personally purchase. By you buying something in the shop such as a bottle of water which is usually surrounded by plastic and some plastics contain Bisphenol A, you are saying that you want more of this. Think about what you are buying, if you can afford to purchase organic food instead of food that has been sprayed with petrochemicals like fertilizers then I feel its our responsibility to do so. We have the power and companies want to sell so we need to make it our priority to know what we are buying and it’s their priority to ensure that they are providing the products that are safe for their consumers.



James Bushell
James has been interested in holistic health for about 10 years, exploring mind, body and spirit and adjusting his life accordingly. His practice is simple, to learn to find balance and just be happy

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