Australia uses the Ocean to Generate Zero-emissions Electricity

Australia has been trialling a new system to generate free electricity. The buoy is called CETO 5 and it’s the first of its kind to be tested and it has been with great success. Essentially the buoys act to produce energy for generators and the generators then process this clean energy. Since 18th February 2016, the system has been channelling clean, efficient, zero-emissions energy into Australia’s power grid according to Australian Renewable Energy Agency CEO Ivor Frischknecht.

The system CETO 5 is named after the ancient Greek sea goddess and is part of the Carnegie Perth Wave Energy Project. The project was designed and built to demonstrate the potential and viability to perform such energy efficiency while offering this for the mass market. Bear in mind that we live in a profit based system where money has to be made in order for anything to be made for the market. The good news is that this is viable and making this commercial is more than possible.

The CETO 5 is designed to be submerged under the ocean and the ocean moves the buoys and in turn, they activate the pumps, pushing pressurised water through the turbines and at the same time, desalinising the system.

There are already plans under way for the next generation called CETO 6 to offer up to four times as much power as the current design.

All videos, picture content was from the official Carnegie Wave YouTube channel.

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