Come Home Destitute Child

If we look at our world today, the corruption on a grand scale, the inhuman acts of cruelty to other sentient beings from humans, including humans, then it`s no wonder so many are suffering and in despair.

Another huge cause of suffering on a grand scale is our daily habits and routines that keep us “busy” without allowing our mind to contemplate the now, without allowing our heart to experience the presence of life in the very moment.

We have to wonder, stop and ask ourselves what course are we on? How many moments of the day are we stopping to truly be still, to be truly conscious? Many of us are so stressed with our daily routine that we don`t give ourselves enough time to experience the beautiful gift of presence.

Where is it we’re heading so fast? So unconsciously? What is it we’re striving for and is it worth living a life never experiencing the true jewels bestowed upon us from birth?
We have to come back to the now before we rush to our graves never really truly living life…


I want to offer you a piece from Thich Nhat Hanh`s book “Reconciliation, Healing the Inner Child”

Some years back I had been struggling with myself, with deep a depression and been going through immense suffering and a truly beautiful person and friend had brought me this book, it has served my soul with delight and nourished my heart over and over. I am forever grateful to her for this simple but powerful gift.

“I burst into Tears”

The first time I read this piece from the book I burst into tears as I was thrust back into the present moment remembering the beauty in the things my depressive thoughts were covering up and enabling me to take for granted.

I offer you this piece in love, I want you to remember who you are, the true you, as we are the same, we are one, we are love, we are high vibrational beings and we are more than our current worries and despairs, we are so much more, please come home and try to remember who you are…


You don`t have to be able to say it in words but remember with feeling that you were created out of divine consciousness as was our beautiful planet. You are here with a divine purpose carrying out the intention of consciousness itself and you come from somewhere very special.

Try to be present and reside in that space, as this space is where the beauty of life is unfolding from the infinite intelligence of our creator, when we are present and truly conscious that vast intelligence is what we can tap into, it is us, and we are it that place is our home where we arrived here from.


The Destitute Child by Thich Naht Hanh

“Prescious gems are everywhere in the cosmos
and inside of every one of us.

I want to offer a handful to you, my dear friend.
Yes, this morning, I want to offer a handful to you,
a handful of diamonds that glow from morning to evening.
Each minute of our daily life is a diamond that contains sky
and earth, sunshine and river.

We only need to breathe gently for the miracle to be revealed:
Birds singing, flowers blooming.

Here is the blue sky, here is the white cloud floating,
your lovely look, your beautiful smile.
All these are contained in one Jewel.

You who are the richest person on Earth
and behave like a destitute son,
please come back to your heritage.

Let us offer each other happiness and learn to
dwell in the present moment.
Let us cherish life in our two arms
and let go of our forgetfulness and despair.”
-Thich Nhat Hanh –

Every time I read this piece I am filled with the blessing of love and the compassion intended in this wonderful piece of writing.

From the depths of my heart, the intention from my soul and higher vibration of this message I truly wish the same and more for you.

I wish this to ease your suffering and for you to know you are deeply loved and cherished.

Love Louis Doughty

Louis Doughty
Louis, after overcoming many hurdles and much adversity in life realised that true inner peace comes from giving, loving, meditation and the practice of service to others in need.

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