Defragging Yourself

Today stress and anxiety amongst the western world has clearly risen, with more people in a state of unease and unhappiness with their mind. There may have been one single point where an individuals anxiety started from or it may have developed from a few situations such as a loss of a loved one whether that’s from a break up or someone close passing away, there could be many reasons that have come together which has built up such states of being. For me, I can remember as a child that these states deep down were always there even without an event, I just needed the environmental situations for them to unfold such as going to play football. I put a lot of pressure on myself as a child to perform well, which ended up causing me not to play well. I created scenarios of doing all sorts of things on a football pitch in a state of fear even before I got on the football pitch. Its clear now that all of these doubts were directly created from my thoughts that directly had a result on my performance and more importantly my happiness.

Its very easy to get ones state of mind into a whirl wind of negative emotions and this is why I personally think its important to develop awareness and peace within to counter the possibility of potential issues that may create an environment where ones state of mind becomes favourable towards unease. Once we have experienced an uncomfortable state of being, it feels only right to fight it, our culture is all about fighting everything in order to clear the experience. I think we can safely say that fighting anything is going to lead to more of that something. If we are going to develop peace of mind, this can only be developed with working towards peace.

Meditation can be a great tool in balancing ones state of mind. We live in a world where we think it should all happen today. You will certainly feel benefits quickly whatever your frame of mind but you have to put in the effort. Remember you are putting something positive in your life; every bit of positivity will have beneficial changes. Try not to focus on ‘its not working on me, its not working’ as this is half the problem. Focus on the point and the point is to practice, that is all you should be doing. If you are going to count the breath, that’s all you do.

Exercising: The body produces endorphins and while exercising you are focusing on only the exercise. After the session, all the mind issues will have vanished for a period of time until you become aware that you have forgotten about those particular issues (if you are an acute sufferer) or remember to bring those emotions back into your life which sure enough they are back standing proud and tall. By starting to focus on positive things, your patterns will change but again it only changes through conscious effort.

Bring a practise into your life, when you are home you have the chance to put a smile on your face without someone looking at you thinking that you must be talking to yourself. Simply smile, become aware that you are smiling, the smile doesn’t have to be about anything or it can. Think of a dog perhaps and all the silly things they can often do. When you are out, understand that everyone around you are all going through an experience of thoughts rising and while they seem very normal, they are following these thoughts and playing them out often like a broken tape recorder, slightly changing different parts to whatever situations they are going through. These kinds of habits do not get us anywhere. You can even point these patterns to insanity, doing something over and over again with no sense.

Defrag yourself, Observe your thoughts and start sharing kindness and gratitude with yourself and others instead of following these patterns of wondering thoughts, often the thoughts being played out can be non productive to your life. You can start to change this by being aware/ observing your thoughts; this will start to pave the way towards a more positive outlook, which is favourable towards your own happiness and state of mind.

James Bushell
James has been interested in holistic health for about 10 years, exploring mind, body and spirit and adjusting his life accordingly. His practice is simple, to learn to find balance and just be happy

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