Dieting made easy

Americans alone spend around $40 billion a year on weight loss programmes to help them get into shape. We have all diets from taking gimmicky supplements, designed and specifically marketed towards groups who want to lose weight and then we have weight loss programmes that aims towards feeding the body with certain types of foods such as the Atkins diet.

While these diets may be helpful with the appearance of weight reduction they do not look at the body as a whole. These diets look at weight reduction for short term instead of addressing the real issues as to why the person carries too much body weight.

Companies who want to jump on the fast bucks band wagon of offering people supplementation in order to lose weight, completely misses the point of weight reduction, they are not in the game of educating, they are looking to make money. Its hardly surprising that they would be willing or interested in education as this will eradicate their potential profit.

I know of women even when I was growing up, seeing them drink these powdered drinks thinking that what they were doing was attempting to lose weight with their chocolate flavoured junk drinks. I watched them do this over and again; they clearly never considered that they were doing something wrong. The following week after the weight fell off, the individual finished the “diet” and she was back eating the processed junk she was eating before with the same useless results of being over weight. The truth is that all of these quick fix diets are simply not going to address the problem.sugar-1482196-1280x960



Its simple, here is what you need to do to lose weight and keep the weight off:

Change your dirty habits into healthy ones such as not eating the processed junk we have become so accustomed to eating. Anything that contains processed sugar is simply not good for you. Stop eating it or at least consume less, processed sugar is not your friend. It has shown to create disease in the body such as cancer, its bad for your skin etc. Lets be clear, you don’t eat sugar because it’s healthy, you eat it because its addictive. So be courageous, be strong and understand that you need to adjust your habits.

Even without exercising you can be guaranteed one thing when changing your diet to a more healthier diet, you will lose weight. There’s no quick fix here, your body shape will not be long lasting unless you change what you eat but firstly change your dirty habits and this takes determination. So what are you supposed to eat to have a long lasting healthier body: fruits and vegetables, its simple. You can eat as many as you like and not surprisingly you will not put on weight. Try juicing or blending recipes so you can enjoy a high intake of fruit and veg. What’s more, your body craves the nutrients that fruit and veg offers. Some food companies have managed to feed misinformation to people but more importantly people have allowed companies to sell them junk through clever marketing, playing with words to make them believe that they are drinking an energy drink but in actual fact the drink contains high amounts of processed sugar which means they are simply drinking junk with a sugar rush. Sugar stimulates the brain just like cocaine, so perhaps you can see the addictive nature of it now.

Lets get straight to the point:

  • Don’t consume the sugary junk drinks
  • Drink water instead.
  • Stop eating so much meats and lay off the processed carbs such as bread.
  • Flood your body with nutrients, your body needs nutrients that fruits and vegetables contain, so its simple eat them and juice them.veggies-1322742-640x480
  • Don’t be fooled by these marketing companies, you are the only one who can change your habits
  • Don’t buy into rubbish, there is no magic pill or supplement that will give you your desired weight lose, this can only be done by eating the diet your body actually needs.
  • We know longer understand the meaning of a balanced diet, processed junk is processed junk, its that simple. Adding it into a diet is not balance.
  • Exercising is obviously helpful but not completely essential to lose weight. It’s of course beneficial to exercise for a whole range of reasons.
James Bushell
James has been interested in holistic health for about 10 years, exploring mind, body and spirit and adjusting his life accordingly. His practice is simple, to learn to find balance and just be happy

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