Does Pharmacology have a place in Healthcare?

The pharmaceutical industry has been given a hard time by a growing number of people who are motivated towards better healthcare through alternative means such as nutrition, herbs, harnessing the power of the mind and reducing stress etc. Growing evidence shows that the immune system has the ability to radically transform the body that’s clinically diseased, to a body that is vibrantly healthy. The Duke University is currently researching in developing drugs to trigger responses within the immune system. As the world gets smaller with advancements in technology such as the Internet, information is much more easier to travel around the world, having the ability to share valuable content like never before.

According to Gwen Olsen, a former top producing sales rep for healthcare giants like Johnson & Johnson said, “side effects from prescription drugs has become the third-leading cause of death in Americans”. Of course heart disease and cancer still take the first and second podium. If this is the case, then clearly we are doing something very wrong in the healthcare system and perhaps the growing trend towards alternative healthcare is happening for a very good reason.

So where are the benefits in pharmacology and how can we ensure that we stay on track to ensure that pharmaceutical drugs are used for the right reasons. Unfortunately the system that we call the monetary system has put us in a situation where profit has become the number one aim and goal. If making a patent can generate profit, which then makes something exclusive and usually very expensive, then this is good business practice in a capitalist system. The need to ensure that a person/s is best kept for, that he/ she can afford something has become less of a priority and profit, the greed and need for material wealth has blossomed. Our minds and hearts have become so contaminated with material wealth that integrity and morality has been forgotten in the minds of business. There are still many courageous human beings giving themselves, to serve the greater good in the best ways they know how who work within the allopathic healthcare system.

I still don’t believe the pharmaceutical industry are inherently bad, I think they have a place in the market but the current levels of use and what we use drugs for has become ridiculous. Without some of the drugs-758837_960_720pharmaceutical drugs, many people would have lost their lives. Look at people who have anti-rejection drugs so their immune system doesn’t reject a pipe that has been fitted directly from a pig. Without these life saving drugs, people would have lost their lives. Antibiotics have also been a life saving drug for millions of people. Sadly due to over use of these drugs we are very soon to be heading into a time where these have no use. I wrote a blog on this topic here.

Modern medicine has completely failed with degenerative disorders. I’m not sure why a complimentary therapy such as nutrition, herbs and using the mind to stimulate the immune system has been fiercely rejected but you can’t help to wonder why there’s still so much rejection towards beneficial therapies. Is this because there’s money at stake or people within the allopathic healthcare system genuinely do not know about the power of holistic healthcare. The body wants to heal and given the right help, will take every opportunity to do so.

Still this does not mean that pharmacology cannot exist safely within healthcare and the environment. They simply need to adjust to the market place, the real ruler of what stays and goes is the consumer. I don’t think currently that the consumer realises how much power they have. It will only be a matter of time before we realise the power that we all have within the market place.

If we continue on this trend on how we use pharmaceutical drugs, the industry will end up destroying itself. The current trends are looking increasingly more into sustainable health, degenerative diseases can be dramatically reduced by adjusting food consumption, having better knowledge of products such as underarm deodorant, hair products, shower gels etc, all these products that we use collectively add up to be healthy or unhealthy towards the body. Our stress levels are perhaps the biggest obstacles we face, it can be extremely challenging to alter our habits. The good news though with altering our habits into conscious actions, we are changing the chemistry of our brain. Our brain has the capacity to breed an environment of health or sickness. As Buddha said, thoughts become things.

Although there are many aspects where we can most certainly have an impact on our own health through nutrition, exercising, harnessing the mind through consciously being present, getting enough clean water and not forgetting of course clean oxygen here, it’s also clear that pharmacology has its place. I personally know someone who is close to me, if they didn’t have access to pharmaceutical drugs then they wouldn’t have a life and the children wouldn’t have a mother. I feel we can certainly do away with many drugs and instead use holistic healthcare, allowing individuals to take care of their own health.

James Bushell
James has been interested in holistic health for about 10 years, exploring mind, body and spirit and adjusting his life accordingly. His practice is simple, to learn to find balance and just be happy

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