How I know the World is Insane

Today we consume faster than any time in history and not only do we consume more but we also dump more material objects that I call “stuff”, which pollutes the earth we live on. Plastics that we have thrown away appear in the oceans, which then works through the lives of living creatures in or on the sea , causing a chain of future problems. We dig holes that we call landfills so we can dispose of the junk that we know longer use, which then sit in these landfills for 100’s or even thousands of years. There was some research in the Amazon rainforest, studying different species of birds. The researcher concluded that one thing that stood out with the birds he observed, they all carried a similar pattern when becoming extinct. He concluded that every time these birds were becoming extinct they started to mess in their nests. You have to question whether we have a similar pattern when we go through the same process of extinction. We have become so inconsiderate towards life that there seems to be no boundaries to the level of destruction and suffering we have put on this beautiful planet.

I think that we can nearly all agree on the facts now that we have some really drastic changes going on with the worlds weather system. Governments are now hitting climate change hard, meeting with other nation leaders to discuss what the next stages are to combat how we are all going to tackle the problem that’s unfolding. Sadly our government is not going to solve anything. They are not in power to ensure that our environment is sustainable, clean and healthy. They are in their position to generate wealth and to ensure that the countries GDP continues to grow. We have to stop relying on these people, we need to stop waiting and hoping that change will happen and start acting ourselves. If Climate Change was so important for governments then they would instantly start working towards our consumer habits. This would clearly not be good for business so the only thing they can do is look for band aids so we continue buying stuff that we don’t particularly need and business can continue like there’s no problems.

Whether its our fault or not, it is our responsibility to ensure we make the effort in changing our own habits. Christmas time is fast approaching and the consumer holds all of the cards. If we don’t want to buy their stuff then it simply won’t sell and businesses might get the message that change is needed. We have to do a lot more to make changes and if that means to stop buying things for short term happiness then I feel this is worth it.

In most cases, everything you are told from these people in power tends to be the opposite. So just assume that they are telling you the truth indirectly every time, you just have to look at everything they say and turn it upside down.

James Bushell
James has been interested in holistic health for about 10 years, exploring mind, body and spirit and adjusting his life accordingly. His practice is simple, to learn to find balance and just be happy

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