How Meditation Helps You with Emotions.

I am talking from a personal experience here and one where I have personally experienced various degrees of mental suffering.

We are all subject to negative feelings in our lives, whether it’s from one single event or a few events that are interlinked. The most important part to any event where it is traumatic or plays on our mind is that we quickly recover from it, ensuring that we don’t allow any event to play a big part of our life. All too common in todays busy world, we have the tendency to allow our problems to build up and by the time we know it, our personal world has so many problems that have crept up on us and all of a sudden, we are overwhelmed with a ton of various emotional issues. By the time we know it, we are living a world where we experience all of those problems in our head from one moment to the next.

I look at meditation much the same as I look at eating habits. If you maintain a healthy diet, the benefits of this diet allows your body and every single cell in the body the nutrients it not only deserves but needs. Meditation is the food for the mind. Unlike food, we are experiencing everything from moment to moment and its vital that we give that moment what it deserves, our everything. To truly enjoy our lives, we have no choice but to enjoy every moment as every moment equals completeness in our life.

Although at the very beginning, the act of meditating may seem a little tiresome and pointless as you sit there in a torrent of thoughts, being consistent and positive will gradually start showing up. Our modern day world of getting things extremely quickly doesn’t work the same with slowing down the mind. This takes time and effort with a lot of persistence but the results if you stay on track are shockingly wonderful.

What follows on with the persistence of meditating is a mind with much less clutter of thoughts coming into ones mind. These thoughts, which are often negative slowly but surely decrease our body’s energy. For me, there isn’t any answer other than developing a peaceful/ still mind so I can enjoy the moment that I experience from one to the next. Am I always calm and peaceful, certainly not but I also understand that it’s an on going practice that I have taken on for the long journey and it’s worth it. My idea of not being peaceful today consists of noticing my mind chattering, this is a very good point of reference that something needs changing in my life.

James Bushell
James has been interested in holistic health for about 10 years, exploring mind, body and spirit and adjusting his life accordingly. His practice is simple, to learn to find balance and just be happy

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