Is This You? Spiritual Materialism

One of the traps people can fall into often when they are on a spiritual path is to accidentally and unconsciously let the ego into the their spirituality. They let their spiritual journey be the basis for their higher perception of self, the problem is this can often be a higher perception of self compared to others and over others.

As soon as we see ourselves as better than another because of our Spirituality, we have failed by default. People who fall into this trap may also hold too much value on tools, trinkets, pictures, clothes and statues, thinking that by adding these objects as their possessions it will make them more spiritual.

One of the main factors of Spirituality is looking deep within and really getting to know the true self. Once you do this you`ll see that you don`t need to add anything, you already have all of the real riches of the Universe inside of you.

There`s nothing wrong with owning objects that are supposed to portray Spiritual leaders and concepts but we do have to be mindful of the way we look at these objects and the way we honour them with our rituals.

Ultimately to gain a deeper awareness of life and the true nature of reality we have to strip away our thought`s and often even our stuff, not add more.

True Spirituality is more about generating unconditional love through compassion and a deep understanding of Humans and why they sometimes act the way they act, it`s not about how spiritual you look!

I explain in this video below, as you can see I try not to take myself to seriously these days… ha ha…

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Louis Doughty
Louis, after overcoming many hurdles and much adversity in life realised that true inner peace comes from giving, loving, meditation and the practice of service to others in need.

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