It’s All up to Us

We spend so much of our time climbing the corporate ladder, believing that when we finally get to that place, we are going to be happy. We struggle throughout our educational years to get the best grades, making life that extra bit harder so we can get the grades we desire to put more pressure on us when we reach college or university. When we finally reach university, we then go through a similar experience except the experience is that extra bit harder. We have to learn to regurgitate and remember more and more in order to be recognised as a “well educated” person.

Our next stage is finding a job in the area that we studied. Often people spend years going through formal education and realising after they have finished and looking for a job that their education was near useless as the jobs in the area they live do not cater for their needs. So they settle for a position that looks for graduates or even worse, just give up, feeling soul destroyed.

As they have just started a position in a company, full training is given which further confirms that the money spent and the years of paying off their tuition fees seem a little ridiculous. Full training is given not because they are stupid but because every job is job specific and every company and job within the company all have systems that are completely specific to that job. So now we are learning once again and most of our educational experience is a distant memory except from the debt that still lingers in the background.

Mostly all of the jobs available today are based on consumerism. We live on a finite planet that only has so many resources at anyone time but the nature of our system works with the planet like it’s a never-ending stream of freely available resources. The simple nature of our actions are working against the laws of our planet, we have become out of balance to the extent that we damage rain forests with ecosystems that once thrived with life. Living creatures once roamed these areas, life connecting systems, full of diversity, a diversity that perhaps took thousands of years and all but lost because of our need and greed, our conditioning to believe that we are solely here to consume everything that we see in our view. I think we all have this intuition that something isn’t quite right and what we are hoping is that the next generation will solve it all but the problem lies with us again, how will they solve anything when they are learning from us.

The only person that can change this is you by taking responsibility for your own actions. This may sound very cynical and if you are a cynical person then it is, but if you are optimistic then you will see that change is possible but it takes the effort of all of us to change ourselves and to educate each other compassionately. The more we see ourselves as separate from the environment that we inhabit, the more insecure and afraid we feel. The truth is that we are all one and we are all in this together and that’s why its ever more important that we work with each other to make change, a change that is in the favour of nature.

James Bushell
James has been interested in holistic health for about 10 years, exploring mind, body and spirit and adjusting his life accordingly. His practice is simple, to learn to find balance and just be happy

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