It’s Time for Change

So often we are blaming governments, blaming media, blaming anyone or any organisation that we may have good reason to blame for whatever reason it may be. It can’t be denied that governments are way to large and ineffective in making active, beneficial change that works towards the majority. They spend way too much taxpayer’s money on useless ideas, making sure that they themselves never go out of pocket. Look at America for example, before a president gets into power, they are handed millions by corporations with the idea that an I OWE YOU will follow. Even before these people get in power, they are already owing to corporations. They wont be serving the publics best interests, how can they?

It’s always easy to point our fingers at people, organisations, governments that are doing it all wrong but how often are we jumping out of our comfy sofas and going the extra mile to make change. We don’t have an excuse to say, “What can little me do to make change”. If you don’t try, how will you know? You have the ability to start a website, start posting on your website, use social media to spread your cause, a mission for change. Just by you being consistent and being inline with yourself, you will begin to make the change that you desire.

It can’t be denied that we are all on the hamster wheel either struggling to find money as the minimum wage is below liveable earnings or on the other end of the scale, we are so addicted to the money, we can’t resist the greed of having more of it. The rich are getting richer and the poor are most certainly struggling more. What I find so interesting is that the real workers are happy to give money to the super wealthy even though the super wealthy continue to appear like they are not especially interested in giving back to the very people that have made them wealthy.

We need to start questioning whether this money system is actually working for the population. There’s such a separation between the have’s and have not’s, it’s a little concerning that we are accepting this as the only solution. The system is destroying everything that gives us life. The deforestation, the marine life is depleting, using animals like slaves so that we can use their bodies to exchange for money, marketing tactics used on us so we consume stuff that we don’t need, illness increasing amongst all ages because we are stressed & our food is contaminated with vast amounts of chemicals and processed junk. Money has literally taken over our lives because everyone involved has to live and survive and others have been driven towards greed. It’s no ones fault, we are conditioned to think that success is about materialistic objects and having lots of money to purchase all these materialistic things will make us complete.

Possibilities of a brighter future.

We would be better looking at our current system as redundant rather than any kind of conspiracy. Looking at a system in such a way turns us into that very system. We have to be resourceful, use our planet sustainably and responsibly.

It is our fault if we understand all of this and we still take no action in trying to change our direction. Be part of the small but growing solution.

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James Bushell
James has been interested in holistic health for about 10 years, exploring mind, body and spirit and adjusting his life accordingly. His practice is simple, to learn to find balance and just be happy

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