Living Without Cancer

Cancer can be a very difficult subject throughout our society and this is mainly due to each and every one of us who has been affected by it whether this be directly related or someone close to us who is or has been affected.

As with most things in western medicine, we tend to look at an illness like the body is stupid, that it doesn’t have the ability to heal itself. Our approach is simple; to attack and kill, to wage war on whatever we deem to be a threat to our bodies and this is a similar method we use in our public relations around the world, if it’s not going our way then war is needed. If we dealt with a cut in the same fashion as we treat what we call an illness, we would end up creating an infection. We still do not know exactly how our bodies deal with cuts but we know that they heal within time and that is generally enough for us to know, we allow our bodies to do the rest of the work. I’m not saying that we should treat cancer like a cut but I am saying that we need to look at reasons why rather than living in the Newtonian paradigm that everything is robotic/ mechanical and non adjustable including these “genes” that are destined towards either health or sickness. It is clear genes can be expressed up to 100,000 different ways now and so we are no longer the victim of our genes but rather a subject of the environment. What our bodies are saying to us is that we need to make changes to the way we are living; we need to change the environment. In another way of putting this, if I had a fish tank and allowed this fish tank to get dirty, then all of the fish will begin to show sickness but if I maintained this fish tank, the fish will stay healthy.

There is most certainly a place for western medicine but in the world of degenerative illness, they are looking at the body all wrong according to Raymond Francis, he simply says that our bodies when given the right tools such as nutrition, we are able to completely maintain a healthy body. Even if we have been diagnosed cancer, we can reverse any signs of this illness simply by changing our lifestyle.


The world health organisation has clearly outlined simple preventable ways to avoid cancer. They note, “at least one-third of all cancers are preventable”. Although they mention diet being a factor, they limit any further knowledge.

We are full of misleading information and as usual it’s all based on one thing, money. Whether we look at GMO food, non organic farming methods, putting our food on life support or look at how our society has become highly stressed, giving way to hormones such as cortisol that prevents the body from allowing it to naturally heal, these are all very simple ways in preventing disease and living a healthy life.



James Bushell
James has been interested in holistic health for about 10 years, exploring mind, body and spirit and adjusting his life accordingly. His practice is simple, to learn to find balance and just be happy

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