Riding the Wheels of Karma

We spend our entire lives accumulating experiences that are sometimes positive for our lives and sometimes negative. Unfortunately for most of us we have the tendency to beat ourselves up, replaying some of the hardships that we have encountered in our lives. What’s worse is the fact that we are often unconscious of these collected memories, the build up in our field of past memories and we live them out in our subconscious mind, allowing our subconscious mind to replay them in the background with our consent. Whether we have consciously given consent to these memories or not, they continue replying because we have not dealt with them. We have decided to ignore them because we feel its better to leave them in the background, it means that we don’t have to confront and relive the experience, which of course means we relive them over and over again.

Karma can be related to our personal home computers. If we have a computer that has been running for a few years, it becomes slow but when we start to clean up some of the files we know longer need, the computer starts to awaken a little, which gives us that indication that the computer is happier with running the programmes. Then we take the next step to defrag the computer and all of a sudden our computer starts working like a dream. Try to look at yourself much like the computer in the way of cleaning your mind up. We will spend however long it takes to clean our computers up in order to make them more efficient but how long do we offer our own minds to address any concerns?

Start to become still, watch how your muscles and body have developed the tendency to contract, bringing in stress into your body. As often as you can, be the witness to your body and how you hold your body at ransom every time you start holding onto thoughts. This will give you a good indication that you are holding onto thoughts, which should also give you the insight to remind yourself that you need to start bringing in awareness to let go and stop riding on the wheel of Karma.

Here are 6 easy steps to setting every day into a positive day and start creating good positive cycles.

1, Wake up thanking yourself with a smile, an affirmation is a good habit to build into your life and more than one is even better. It may seem silly at the start but once you start to really mean it and feel it, it can drastically change your day.

2, Wake up earlier to meditate. Meditation has not only shown to be effective scientifically, the personal benefits one can experience speaks for themselves, who needs science when it feels right to you. A good way to measure something, if it feels right then it probably is.

3, Try to develop awareness whenever possible. When you realise you are not present, you have become present and try to continue being the observer from that point onwards. Make a real effort to keep on bringing yourself into every moment.

4, Eat clean and try to avoid petrochemicals when eating clean. Not only is it unhealthy for you, it is also unhealthy for the soil where bacteria live which effectively makes our soil nutritious for us but its also unhealthy for the living creatures that eats the food while it grows and whatever else that feeds off the bacteria in the soil. If our food that grows was nutrient dense rather than being on life support as it is currently, the cops would be juicy which would prevent much of the creatures from eating the crops.

5, Turn off the TV or at least reduce your time spent in front of it, when driving, see if you can drive in silence instead of having the radio on. Both of these bring you away from the present moment and into a hypnotic trance, which is counterproductive. By stopping yourself listening to the radio of watching the TV, you will become aware on how busy your mind is.

6, Make bedtime your main aim. If you get into bed stressed then it’s likely that your sleep will be less beneficial towards your wellbeing. Take a book to bed, which is educational to your personal development and hopefully you will have a dream that inspires you for your following day.

You really can actively change your life by changing your thought patterns and developing good and simple routines. Everything you do in this present moment has a knock on effect, which results in your futures outcome. So instead of planning for your future, start acting in your present moment and the future will take care of itself. We put too much effort into planning our future and all of a sudden we have missed the moment in that moment of which we call life.

James Bushell
James has been interested in holistic health for about 10 years, exploring mind, body and spirit and adjusting his life accordingly. His practice is simple, to learn to find balance and just be happy

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