Start Believing in Yourself

We spend way too much time doubting ourselves, questioning whether we are right or wrong. Happiness will never be around the corner with all the questions. Take the time out to look at a young child and see the child playing in the moment. He/she never stands for one minute and questions anything; why, because the child is so deeply experiencing every moment as the only moment and the reality to this is that the child is oblivious to the fact that they don’t know that they are living in the present moment but they are and that is enough to be happy.

As we grow older, we build up a mind to think and eventually that thinking mind takes over everything around us. Thoughts and the mind are there to help us in a time of questioning but it has turned up ruling our lives.

Start to work out what parts of your life are causing you to feel unease. Take away the fabric of your habits and see them for what they are, miserable cycles unconsciously played out. I have always found the best way to feel unhappy is to do something every day that doesn’t fit in with me being content and fulfilled. Start looking at what makes you fulfilled and start working towards whatever it is. It doesn’t mean its going to happen over night but in some cases, just dropping the tension or the stresses of the idea of having to do something can make drastic changes to your life. Slowly and surely work with your heart, your heart always knows what’s right for you. Whatever your heart feels, once you are there fulfilling your heart, every cell within you will know that its right and you are home.

Lastly you don’t need anything that you don’t already have, you are alive and conscious, and this is enough to be happy. So drop the thinking mind and just be happy in this moment.

James Bushell
James has been interested in holistic health for about 10 years, exploring mind, body and spirit and adjusting his life accordingly. His practice is simple, to learn to find balance and just be happy

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