The Basic Lifestyle Choices for Optimum Health

We are forever talking about organic food, eating healthy and nutritiously. There’s a ton of bloggers, so called experts out there talking about the power of food and the potential of disease when we eat the wrong foods.

Today more and more people are dying of completely food related diseases. Heart disease is one of the most common and then cancer is the second most common. We have diabetes 2, which is completely down to lifestyle choices, and yet there are still millions of people each year who are in the hands of these diseases. What is wrong with us; is it our lack of care about our own body or is it a lack of information that is the problem?

I think it’s a bit of both with the added idea that buying healthy food is more expensive, can we honestly say that our health is not important enough to act on changing us. Mainly I think people are aware but their habits are the hardest things to combat. There is no denying that there’s a ton of information out there about nutritious, healthy foods but there are also a lot of people trying to sell things that are not so helpful that can put off people who are trying to actively find what works and what doesn’t. People who are new to the health movement or simply just trying to improve their health a little bit can be overwhelmed by all of the information out there and with good reason to.

I see sneaky little marketing teams trying to sell their garbage all the time. Creating pyramid systems so that people can buy into these products at first with a small fee and then the person is required to sell these items to their friends, pumping out the same garbage over and over, speaking of the products benefits etc. Without a change of diet and a healthy routine, these garbage supplements will look completely useless but the changes made are heavily marketed that its down to these supplements, the key here is not to get fooled, there are no secrets to a healthy body other than the pure obvious of thinking right and changing your habits and eating and drinking the right food, getting enough sleep and exercising. I want to make things real simple here so this causes absolutely no confusion:


Reduce meat consumption, there are a few people who actually need meat but the rest of us can do without it. We all need amino acids but this doesn’t need to come from meat, this can come from plants also. Sunflower sprouts offer abundant amounts of protein and are completely affordable. Not only are they affordable, they are perhaps the best choice out of the whole plant life for nutrients.


Dairy is not your friend. If you are going to eat it, understand that most of the stuff sold is actually very unhealthy for your body. There’s quite often a mixture of sugar and fats, which are the perfect combination to increase weight. There’s other ways to feed your cells but we are not perfect and it would be silly to say that we should all be so anal about eating optimum all the time. By giving ourselves difficult targets, this can lead to us completely falling off the wagon. Just understand that you don’t need dairy, there are no nutrients found in dairy that cannot be found in other types of foods.


Most supplements are completely garbage, not only are many synthetically created which means your body does not process them in the way that your body processes real food, they also lack enzymes. If you were going to consume any type of supplement then it would make sense to use herbs. Herbalists are passionate about their job; they do not have marketing campaigns to trick you into buying their herbs as the herbs sell themselves and their aim is to make a real impact to your health. They work by giving the body the nutrients needed to gain maximum health. They work with bodies that are dealing with a type of disease but why would you want to use a herbalist once you are in the stages of disease.

Vegetables & fruits:

There is no other subscription better at stimulating the immune system than nature provides for us in the food world other than fruits and vegetables. As our daily routines are so heavily involved in foods, then it makes sense that it should be our number one priority to consume as many nutrient dense fruits and vegetables as possible. Fruits should be consumed before anything else as they easily pass through the body. Eating fruits after the consumption of other foods will result in the fruits fermenting inside the gut, which is what you want to avoid. Ensure that the food you buy is always organic, the more organic food is purchased and the cheaper it gets for everyone. We need to show the market that we only settle for organic food, we cannot continue contaminating our soils, killing the diverse bacteria that works to maintain healthy soil to enrich the food that we eat if we continue polluting the soil. There is growing evidence that all the pesticides and herbicides are not only polluting the soil but also our bodies too.


Need I say it, water, water and water or alternatively make smoothies and juices that are derived from plant life. There is no greater way to get the nutrients into your blood other than drinking them.

It is your body so it’s your responsibility to take care of yourself. If there’s money to be made, be sure that someone will try and make that money not because they are inherently bad but because they are trying to survive in most cases. It’s up to us all to ensure that our health is in the best shape it can be and by eating the right kinds of foods, we can make real positive change towards a greater healthy body. Don’t be a fool to the marketing junk; real food is the only way to feed your cells. Non of us are perfect so don’t be hard on yourself. This is a guide to help, not to cause problems. Sticking to the basics as much as you can will lead you to better health.

Remember that you are the consumer and everything that you buy, you are effectively promoting companies to make more of that. If you believe in disease then processed sugar, foods that are grown on life support, using pesticides and herbicides is the answer for you. If you believe in health then growing your own food is the best choice, followed by organic food. It’s really that simple.

Much love to you all 🙂

James Bushell
James has been interested in holistic health for about 10 years, exploring mind, body and spirit and adjusting his life accordingly. His practice is simple, to learn to find balance and just be happy

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