The Cheapest Natural Deodorant in the World

We spend so much money on various beauty/ body products to keep us looking beautiful, keeping us clean, smelling delightful and keeping us from smelling not so delightful. Most of the products available in the common market are very questionable whether they are non-toxic or not. Products that we put on our skin are not tested how they should be and it really is up to the consumer whether he/ she is willing to do the research themselves in order to avoid toxic ingredients.

My solution in every case is to use natural products that are not processed or if they are processed, to ensure that it comes from natural resources. If its synthetic then I think we can all agree that this should be labelled toxic for our bodies in most cases.

I have been using natural deodorants for a very long time; I’ve tried them all. I have tried super expensive ones that you can purchase from organic/ health shops and the not so expensive ones. I found them all to be effective to some degree but they were never quite as good as the common brands with aluminium in them. I never wanted to go back to products containing aluminium in them, especially when you are putting them on an area of the body where the pores open and you sweat often, to me this is just stupid. There has been sources stating that aluminium has been found in cancer within the breast while others state that that there’s no firm evidence to support this.

As for myself, I don’t need any evidence to know that putting heavy metals under my armpits is beneficial or not. Our bodies are designed to sweat; this is a natural way to detoxify our bodies so why on earth would you want to block the pores. So science in this situation is making us look very stupid, why do we need to constantly have evidence in everything in order to confirm and if there is no evidence we don’t do anything until we finally know for sure that it’s non beneficial or toxic. If we live by our hearts instead of our heads, we should be able to make better sense of things.

I have been using Sodium Bicarbonate for over one and half years and found this to be the most effective deodorant money can buy. Not only is it the cheapest out of every product I have found by far, it also allows my pours to breath and my body to naturally sweat while leaving absolutely no odour. What I do recommend is to experiment with what your skin can use every day and go from there. I used far too much over a week before and found my skin to get dry. This indicated to me that I used too much and so I used less and after that I haven’t had any other problem.

Just imagine if we all started to use Sodium bicarbonate as a natural deodorant, a few businesses would go out of business. Without us as humans taking responsibility and finding natural solutions, we are subject to consuming stuff that’s not natural and far more expensive than other natural approaches.

Here is a quick video on how much I personally use under each arm but every person is slightly different with various types of skin so taking responsibility for yourself is needed. Ensure when buying sodium bicarbonate that it doesn’t contain any additives.

James Bushell
James has been interested in holistic health for about 10 years, exploring mind, body and spirit and adjusting his life accordingly. His practice is simple, to learn to find balance and just be happy

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