The next Global Crash, is it Near?

Are we nearing the end game after 8 years of recklessly printing money?

I’m not sure if you are aware but throughout the world, jobs are getting harder to find, companies/ businesses are false advertising for staff to try and get interest in their company to generate profit, the rich are getting much richer than ever before, living a life of insane wealth. While the poor are getting poorer also and the gap between the two has dramatically increased.

In 2008 we went into a recession that lead the world into a frenzy of money printing. The idea was to allow the printing press to print lots and lots of money with the idea that we get a trickle down to ordinary people. The money goes into the hands of wealthy people who pass it down to other wealthy people with the hope that this spreads down to us, the people. Unfortunately it didn’t quite work out the way that they hoped. Rather than giving it straight to small businesses or into the people’s hands, it went straight into the rich hands and that’s where it stayed. It allowed them to produce more consumer goods that are usually made in china, giving no jobs to local people but it did mean that cheap consumer goods are available. So now we have the separation between rich and poor that has grown so much that it has become unsustainable.

The real economy which is ordinary people are now heavily in debt because this money that was injected into the supply chain has not only caused inflation to rise, making everything we buy much more expensive, it has also meant that the savings that normal people like you and I have much less because the money is now worth less due to the printing. Everything we print has an “I owe you” on it, meaning the more we print, the more debt we have. The funny thing about this is that every country works in much the same way and they are all in debt. You might be thinking now, whom do we owe all this debt too? The debt is around 60 trillion worldwide and obviously it’s increasing as the interest is added much like a loan. If this doesn’t make you feel slightly annoyed and confused then I’m guessing you need to read from the top again.

Rationally, where there is a debtor there should be someone else who is a creditor. If every nation is in debt, who, precisely, owes whom? In addition to the logical absurdity of all nations being simultaneously insolvent, such escalating national debts are a complete contradiction of the real and obvious wealth of these nations. This is underlined by the fact that the nations which run the largest national debts are those with the most advanced economies. What can we say to the developing nations struggling under the burden of their debt, nations who have copied our economic institutions and aspire to a life free from poverty? `Work hard, and one day your debt will be as small as America’s – a mere five trillion dollars! (2015 figure: $18 trillion)” The Grip of Death, Michael Rowbotham

Consumerism is at the heart of the system. In order for a country to increase it’s national GDP, we as people need to consume stuff, some stuff is useful but mainly its just junk that we don’t really need, we have been told through advertising that we need to buy the junk in order to feel happy and fulfilled. The sad point to this is that we are destroying the very foundations of life, climate change is real and the impacts of our habits are causing this to happen.

As we are all aware, we do live on a finite planet and the likely hood that eventually we will find ourselves finally understanding that sustainability cannot exist on a consumer based economy, we have to be much smarter, we have to start using whatever nature has to offer and make it available for everyone, not just the few or else we will continue heading towards more disasters. What right do we have in the 21st century to rape the earth’s resources all in the name of consumer growth and to fill the pockets of rich people? How much money does one person need and is it right that one person hoards so much wealth that it causes real problems in society?

You maybe thinking, “what can little me do”? Well the answer is to change our habits, to start working towards being more sustainable, talk to others about this system, how you feel it’s unsustainable. If you have children then you should be much more concerned, its not your child’s responsibility to deal with the legacy we have left behind of a throw away culture, it needs to start with us. No change can happen without us taking part, we need to be that change.

Remember that if we continue working with this system, it will continue with roughly an 8-year cycle of boom and bust, where many people suffer and a few benefits. Are we really this insane to continue a dying system or can we be courageous enough to make real change.

James Bushell
James has been interested in holistic health for about 10 years, exploring mind, body and spirit and adjusting his life accordingly. His practice is simple, to learn to find balance and just be happy

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