The next step in human evolution?

With all the talk of transcendence and spiritual evolution and the very obvious shift in human consciousness that is taking place on the planet right now, I think it`s important to try and define what it really is we are transcending at a foundational level.

I`ll start by talking about the many problems on the planet right now and where they ultimately stem from. As we make great technological advances and are becoming “cleverer” we are actually starving for wisdom.

There`s an ever growing inner yearning and feeling of an almost desperate need to find purpose and some inner meaning on this planet right now. Humans are waking up and we`re upon our next progression as a race and I think that many of us, more than ever are feeling this.

Buddhist`s call this inner yearning Samvega and it`s probably upon you if you`re reading this article right now.

The definition of Samvega is below, so brilliantly put by Buddhist Monk – Ṭhānissaro Bhikkhu
“The oppressive sense of shock, dismay, and alienation that come with realizing the futility and meaninglessness of life as it’s normally lived; a chastening sense of our own complacency and foolishness in having let ourselves live so blindly; and an anxious sense of urgency in trying to find a way out of the meaningless cycle”

We`re anxious to transcend to our true purpose but what is it that`s holding us back?
Well, there are of course the obvious evils on this planet, corporate power and greed, insane wars for insane means by insane people, media brainwashing and hypnosis on a grand scale with the onslaught of portraying meaningless material gain as the real value on this planet to name a few.

We as Humans are spiritual pure beings that are being sold on a lie, hypnotized to keep us from our true power, which is realizing who and what we are and unity in love and oneness.


But why? why would the powers that be want to keep us dumbed down and blinded by the lights?

Well this way we`re far more controllable and we of course buy right into the absolute bullshit they are trying to sell us on every day. Whilst unconscious we keep the very wheel turning that fuels the unevenly distributed wealth and power on this planet and we enable the system that feeds the greedy, gluttonous mouths at the very top of corporate economy to keep churning.

But it also means that we as people have the power to change it very quickly, you see if we as the people were to unite as one, collectively all over the planet in support and love for each other, we would all soon realize our real power so it makes sense for our current leaders to want us divided.

Division supports their system, which would break down if we were to unite as one, which of course we truly are one, we are one because of the deep inner desire that we all have to do good for other Humans, we are connected because of the way we resonate together in acts of kindness and love and this is what we were created out of, the one field of pure consciousness and love.


So what brings on all of this wide spread suffering, this hypnosis, the ungodly wars and treachery on Humanity?

Well, when we become too clever without wisdom we become dangerous, a mind full of thoughts, never tamed with too much power is a dangerous mind indeed. A mind like this is will start to be full of greed, desire and grasping.

A mind rooted in these defilements without too much conscious study can be very dangerous, let alone minds like this collectively acting in this way together in a cult like fashion.

We live in a world where our so called leaders are fully identified with thought, thought is their sense of self and it has become our sense of self, but this is a false sense of self.
Otherwise known as Ego, the more we invest in the egoist self, the more we are engaged with seeking and desire, the more destructive we become. The level of egoist suffering that is on this planet right now is so destructive that we as a race threaten our very existence.


So what is it we need to transcend to survive, what is it that we need to un-attach our sense of self from to truly evolve?

It is of course our thoughts that make up our ego, we have to transcend our thoughts and look deeper within, realizing that our thoughts are not the true us, the true us only ever resides in the present moment and the further we allow our thoughts to take us from one place to the next in our mind, the further away “we” truly are from where life and real peace reside, the present moment.

You see in the present moment our true power is uncovered, we understand that we are connected to all living things and the planet and we experience true inner peace, real pure peace so beautiful and abundantly available that everything else material pales in comparison.

You see the present moment will not only allow you to discover inner peace and vitality, not only will it connect you to the infinite intelligence of the universe, it will also allow you to discover real fulfillment and stop grasping in desire for this and that to try and fill the void you are feeling.

Your purpose is to be in the present moment, the only place where you truly experience the wonderment of life, and the way there, is to transcend the thoughts and stop identifying with them as you.

We can do this through continued Meditation, Kindness and Accelerated compassion.

When you walk through the forest or you walk through nature if you stop and truly, deeply be with the Tree`s you can notice their stillness, you can notice how deeply rooted nature is in the present moment.
If you truly look deeply the same stillness will arise in you too.

This is the essence of life and creation, the source, a realm of infinite intelligence and it`s what we all truly are.

I`ve said many times that we have access to it, but to truly express the true nature of it one would say “we are it”
And when we return to it we can experience pure bliss on this planet.

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Love and Peace

Louis Doughty


Louis Doughty
Louis, after overcoming many hurdles and much adversity in life realised that true inner peace comes from giving, loving, meditation and the practice of service to others in need.

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