The Secrets to Meditating

Meditation has been widely known to be beneficial but the reality is that most of us find it hard to put time aside to make the effort in starting. The secrets in meditating or more importantly to keep meditating isn’t with any special technique, it’s with building habits that serve our best interests. We live in a world of quick fixes and meditation isn’t a quick fix, it’s a continuation of building a practice.

My biggest obstacle right from the very beginning was never in meditation; it started off as early as I can remember. I had to push myself in the right direction a few times before I started habitually making the habits stick and this is the same for all of us. When I say a few times, this varies on the situation but it could be many slip-ups, meaning I have often learnt the hard way.

The benefits with setting out habits that are beneficial for our life is the foundation for all successes, whether it be for achieving monetary success or building good thought habits where we offer love and support to ourselves. These are fundamental changes that need to take place in order for our life to really change for the better. This insight takes effort and once you can see this, you know it’s either you continue with unhelpful habits or you make the effort to change patterns that are not serving you or anyone else.

Meditation can be supper simple and just having a basic breathing exercise can revolutionise your life. You can’t expect this to be a one second wonder, if you are stressed all the time, then it’s paramount to give yourself time. Slowly but surely change starts to take place and unfold right in front of you, your emotions are much easier to deal with, you feel calmer and smile much more. It gets to the stage where you start to wonder why this isn’t a national thing, why we don’t teach this in schools. It can be a beautiful thing to be happy sitting peacefully in your own skin, knowing that change happens around you and you are happy to ride with that change.

So lets put it simply, the secret is not with meditation but with you and your mind set, this is the first step, the meditation follows. Once you understand that it’s down to you, that’s when the real change starts to unfold. The next stage is to practice, to sit and be the observer that observes in the only moment that we can ever witness, the now.

I don’t think this is much different to anything we do in life, everything takes various degrees of persistence, some longer than others. What is more beneficial than a mind at peace though!

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James Bushell
James has been interested in holistic health for about 10 years, exploring mind, body and spirit and adjusting his life accordingly. His practice is simple, to learn to find balance and just be happy

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