The True Power Of Kindness


Have you ever witnessed a somewhat random act of kindness and felt that feeling of pure joy and elation, thankfulness, happiness all wrapped up into one? You probably have and you`ve probably experienced that feeling when taking part in a random act of kindness, whether you were the receiver or the giver.

You may of noticed that the energy transition or signature is almost exactly the same for both parties and if more people are involved in this act of kindness the energy is heightened even more so.

I was taking a bus ride yesterday and the bus was full of people, in fact on this day I had never seen the bus so full, I opted to stand and let others take my seat as did some others. An elderly man came onto the bus, at a stop just outside of the city, rugged looking, hunched over, with a cane and a bag.

The man had a bottle of Alcohol in his bag, a cheap brand of cider. I saw some people look on, some with faces of judgment and some staring blankly at the Gentleman. I wondered why no one had got up to help him, so I decided to take his bag and his arm and help him into the last small side-chair on the bus.

The elderly fellow was taken back a little by the help and smiling warmly with gratitude. I was happy to of helped.

I distinctly noticed a shift in consciousness right there and then, the bus was almost brighter as some witnessed a small act of kindness, faces that were looking down had become smiley, friendly and open and even if it was only for this moment, it was lovely.

Another young man looked over to me with a smile as if it had just reached him from the wave of whatever energy had suddenly changed in the front segment of this bus, he said, “Hey brother, would you like my seat” I said that`s okay my man, “Are you sure?” he said, “Yes” I said, “but thank you very much indeed for offering, that`s very kind.”

I`m only 32 years old and I`m very physically healthy and athletic so I know that he was asking me because he appreciated my previous act of kindness, he valued it, it was not because I needed the seat, it was because something in him truly appreciated that very small act of humanity

I think this says something very simple, but yet very profound about us Humans and probably most Animals to a certain extent too. Our true nature is best nourished when we are serving helpings of kindness to our fellow brothers and sisters.

In fact, when we see kindness happening in front of us or take part in an act of kindness we are energetically transformed to a much subtler yet higher vibration almost instantaneously and so are those around us.
It`s like there is a field of unseen energy around us that unites us in this healing energy and spreads around us.

It`s been scientifically proven that Buddhist Monks who Meditate on compassion have structural changes in their brain, their brains actual physiology positively changes and so does their wellbeing and energetic state.

When we practice kindness, compassion and love towards other Humans we also release more of the feel good hormone oxytocin, oxytocin binds on to landing sites on the inside of your blood vessels and causes the production of nitric oxide which helps your arteries expand and in turn can lower your blood pressure, maintaining a healthy heart and circulatory system.

Kindness and love, not only are good for us but they are essential for the health of our body and wellbeing.
So what is it that binds us all in the healing energy of kindness when an act of love takes place? I believe it is oneness, the interconnectedness of all things.

In kindness and love nature looks on in abundant bliss and gratitude as it`s human counterpart reconnects to it with the higher vibrational energy of love.

I believe when we act in kindness and love we literally resonate with the vibration of the universe; the very fabric we are made from.

That is why kindness and love is so powerful to us humans, it heals us, it reminds us of our oneness and reconnects all around us to the infinite blissful field of energy subtly, yet powerfully resonating around you waiting for you to connect to it.

Go out into the world today in love and kindness, do something good for someone, anyone and see how you feel, witness how it effects other around, for love and kindness is the healing energy of the whole universe.

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Louis Doughty
Louis, after overcoming many hurdles and much adversity in life realised that true inner peace comes from giving, loving, meditation and the practice of service to others in need.

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