The way is You

Meditation has somehow got entangled into the world of new age airy fairy land. Its almost like we have created a picture of this through photographs and videos to demonstrate how to sit and be this “spiritual being”.

I can personally tell you that I have never spent so much time in meditation because I am in a world of constant peace, a balance of good emotional function and so “spiritual”. Like everyone who has ever decided to sit to develop peace in their lives, they have had to sit because they are neurotic and sometimes psychotic. We have painted a lovely picture of meditation, which has limited the full capacity of its potential. It prevents those who may need it most to thoroughly and actively use it in their daily lives and rid themselves of their own negative thoughts.

I think all of us know someone who has a constant emotional pain in front of them or perhaps its even yourself, sharing with the world of their own hatred or their unhappiness/ unsatisfied towards something that isn’t right to them. What’s so interesting is that this becomes their story, a story of pain and unsatisfactory feelings towards the material world. The painted lovely picture of someone meditating has actively worked against the whole idea of what the purpose is, its to help us relieve the pain and into the world of positive emotions that we choose to experience while developing healthy and beneficial habits in your life.

The point in meditation is not to look all-spiritual and for one to believe that he/ she is spiritual as this is ego, its used because there is a sense of ones suffering. If you are lucky enough then you will have come to the realisation that you are suffering from your emotions, these emotions that have taken a hold on you, putting you in prison of unselected negative thoughts and if you have seen this, start to observe your thoughts actively. We have allowed ourselves to be over shadowed by constant thoughts rising and falling because we will not give up, give into the insanity of the rollercoaster of thoughts.

It’s no wonder that anxiety and depression is increasing, its no wonder that we are destroying the very foundations of life, through complete lack of understanding and disrespect of the material world. Fortunately for us though, the planet has the full capacity to rejuvenate itself and we also have the full capacity just like the planet to find what we were always searching for. I spent five years travelling the world, trying to find this thing that would relieve me from my own pain and suffering and as it happened I realised that the way is me. Am I always completely balanced, peaceful and calm, no I have to develop it. Being in practice takes constant training of the mind; it means that you have decided to take full responsibility for yourself.

James Bushell
James has been interested in holistic health for about 10 years, exploring mind, body and spirit and adjusting his life accordingly. His practice is simple, to learn to find balance and just be happy

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