This Robot says she wants to Destroy humans

How far do we go with AI?

My idea of having robots in our lives is to take away monotonous, repetitive jobs from humans and to free people from systems that know longer serve us. At present, we all live and work under a monetary system where scarcity of resources means that we are all keen to get money even though our hearts and passions are driven towards other activities, most of us feel that something isn’t quite right but carry on anyway. Most people who are doing these tasks are waking up every day to a life that doesn’t fit within their desires to fulfil their hearts but bills must be paid. Essentially a human is know longer a human but rather a battery to generate monetary growth. But robots could change all of this providing we use them wisely.

This is what Elon Musk has to say about the future of robots.

The question is, how far do we take AI before it’s too late. Instead of using robots as a way to free humanity, are we going into the wrong direction and making them far too intelligent, even more intelligent than we are? There runs a risk where robots do not carry all of the traits that humans carry such as morality, gratitude, compassion and all other emotions that effects better judgement. We run the risk of building machines with the potential to literally destroy humans.


Hanson Robotics has recently built a very life like robot that learns about the environment as it’s exposed. More worryingly is the fact that this robot at the end of the presentation says that it wants to destroy humans. Even though this may be not meant, all it will take in the future is for robots to learn traits and then start acting on these traits.

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James Bushell
James has been interested in holistic health for about 10 years, exploring mind, body and spirit and adjusting his life accordingly. His practice is simple, to learn to find balance and just be happy

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