Turn the Light Inwards

A few years ago I had a dog called barney and we built a loving relationship, I fed him and he showed me that he loved me; it was a perfect human to animal relationship. I took barney for walks and treated him like a king, he showed me that I was doing right by following me everywhere. If I went out and left Barney at home, he would wait at the door until I arrived home and ignored anyone else in the house. As soon as I got home, he would jump up asking me to pick him up. He continuously licked my face to tell me that he was so happy that I had returned home.

When Barney reached the tender age of 12 years old he had developed a lump on his leg that increased in size quickly. We decided to let Barney go through his natural course. Although this lump irritated him as it got bigger, he carried on as happily as ever. Six months later Barney became unwell and it was clear that he might not make it. While I was away Barney passed away.

In the west we typically rely on the external world to make us happy whether another human being or pet, objects such as cars, we are always searching for that one thing. How sustainable is this that we rely on an ever changing world to sustain happiness? Although sharing a life with another human being can be an extremely beautiful experience, just how attached should we get before it has negative effects on our well-being. I don’t think we should actively strive to be alone, but rather treasure each moment that we have whether alone or with others, to enjoy each moment in a state of peace within. What happens when we start to age and wrinkles start to show, our hair starts to turn grey, how much do you want to control reality to make yourself and others perceive you differently? Our bodies are constantly going through a process of change, dying and renewing. Our liver has 100% new cells maintaining its miraculous cleaning job within 35 days.

Through meditation you can break past these boundaries, bringing in peace and truly enjoying that moment. The ego starts to evaporate, your internal voice that constantly chatters inside your head from all the past exposures and the dream world that we create from ideas that may or may not have happened, going around and around with no aim of stopping and finally it starts to slow down. Along comes something new, the present moment, a moment that brings a smile of freedom, kindness and compassion, it’s who you really are.



James Bushell
James has been interested in holistic health for about 10 years, exploring mind, body and spirit and adjusting his life accordingly. His practice is simple, to learn to find balance and just be happy

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