Why we should all Eat Sprouted Vegetables

We have become so out of line with our natural world around us that we even tend to eat more towards foods that are not even natural, made in labs that are specifically aimed towards heightening our taste buds in order to get us to buy more. The more sold, the higher the profit, which leads to even more marketing and potentially the more possibility for further growth from the junk food. The end game to all of this is simple, profit.

The word super food has become a real buzzword when trying to get people who are gearing towards the natural foods to buy products. The reality with these foods is that they do have properties that are beneficial to our health with sobrome natural foods offering more than others in certain areas. Broccoli for example has shown to have active phytonutrients such as Sulforaphane and Indole-3-cabinol that actively hunts down cancer cells once consumed providing the vegetable has been cooked correctly such as lightly steaming or eating raw. This vegetable has scientifically been shown to lower breast, prostate and colon cancer. We shouldn’t be surprised at this; this is real food, intended for our bodies, something that works in harmony with our bodies’ cells.

Although broccoli has shown some remarkable benefits after consumption, this is nothing compared to the benefits of eating sprouted broccoli.The sprouted broccoli has shown to contain up to 50 times more of the phytonutrients that we are talking about. The good news here is that these sprouts are not only more nutritious for us but they are cheaper to purchase as you buy the seeds yourself and then sprout in your own home. So as it happens, nature is offering us sometsproutshing in abundance with no limitations on what’s financially feasible, if you can afford to buy junk food then you can also afford to purchase real food.

I don’t want to get into so many scientific facts as this is not the point here; the point is finding balance within ourselves and the world around us. If we eat foods that are made in labs then this simply is not what is intended for our body and all of the 50 trillion plus cells that either thrives from food or tries to thrive with something that is imitated as food. The simple rule of thump is that everything that is edible is made from the sun and the exchange is called photosynthesis. It is clear to me that the most efficient colour is green as nature shows me that. All leafy food or mostly all is green, nature knows its role and it knows what’s most efficient in order to get the best possible exchange from the sun.

Natural is the key word here; these foods have been used to treat and prevent disease for thousands of years. The first known literature that existed was back in 2,800 BC in China. Manuscripts on the various types of diseases and the prevention of diseases were collated. They looked at the prevention through smart living, working with mind, body and spirit rather than finding cures after neglecting mind, body and spirit.

Here is a simple guide to growing sprouts:

This is a quote written by Huang-Di Nei-Jing in a manuscript that clearly explains that looking at prevention is better than neglecting the prevention and dealing with the problem once it has unfolded.

“The Saint treats those ill-to-be rather than those being ill, and cares for those in normality rather than those in chaoses. Drug a disease after it’s developed, or quench a chaos after it’s evident, is same as dig a well when in thirsty, or casting a sword in a battle — Is that somewhat late?”





James Bushell
James has been interested in holistic health for about 10 years, exploring mind, body and spirit and adjusting his life accordingly. His practice is simple, to learn to find balance and just be happy

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