Why you should be more Careful when using Sunscreen.

Researchers have found that sunscreen, which can be commonly purchased from the US and Europe are linked with wiping out sperm. The 13 out of 29 UV filters used in sunscreens act as the female hormone Progesterone.

Although the research has yet to be conducted on living males, it has been conducted on human sperm in a lab. Niels Skakkebaek, MD, DMSc who is a professor at the university of Copenhagen said that these results are concerning and this might explain why infertility is so prevalent.

The problem is with anything that you put onto your skin, it ends up going through the small pores and getting into the blood stream, where it interacts with the bodies functions.

What’s more concerning is the fact that the tests were carried out with lower doses of the chemicals than what has been found in male humans tested. These UV filters that have been tested are an essential part to the make up of the sunscreen in order to keep the skin from burning. 45% of the UV filters that have currently been tested mimic the effect of progesterone.

Its been known for some time that sunscreen is able to break through the skin’s pores and studies have also shown these ingredients to be in blood samples and in 96% of urine samples in the US.

I don’t think for a minute that we should only be concerned with sunscreens. Most of the skin creams that women put on their bodies daily are not completely tested. By law they don’t even have to be tested, so it’s not always in the interest of the producers to test their own products. This is another reason why it’s ever more important to take responsibility for your own health and consider everything you buy to be subject to your own research.





James Bushell
James has been interested in holistic health for about 10 years, exploring mind, body and spirit and adjusting his life accordingly. His practice is simple, to learn to find balance and just be happy

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